About the Artist

Merle has studied art with teachers privately and in various schools in Baltimore, Sarasota, and Spain.  She has been in various juried and non-juried art shows.  Merle has been most passionate about painting and drawing the human figure.  She started painting outdoors in 2014 because the views in Sarasota, Tahoe, and other areas have inspired her. Merle initially studied the traditional principles of art to gain a solid foundation.  She has also studied the techniques of more modern artists to gain a broader viewpoint for what she wants to express.  She uses all that she has learned to create her own style of expression.  She hopes that her paintings will evoke enjoyment and emotions in all those who view and purchase her work. 

Merle resides in the Sarasota area, has spent several summers in Tahoe, and travels to other countries, which are usually Spanish-speaking.  In these culturally rich and beautiful areas, she finds a never-ending source of people, things, and scenery to paint and draw, which inspire her daily.